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A Different Kind of Infectious Disease Coming to TV


No doubt your DVR is stacked to the brim with episodes of zombies, vampires, Kentucky-based meth-dealers, and other harbingers of the apocalypse, but NBC is unsatisfied with merely having a well-received show about a flesh-eating psychiatrist as its grim factor. Enter Outbreak: The Movie!

Surely, you remember Outbreak? The cute monkey from Friends? Patrick Dempsey coughing up blood? Kevin Spacey with red hair for some reason? The effective-yet-sappy Wolfgang Petersen-helmed flick is being adapted for the more gentle and sheltered TV viewing audiences of today by John Wells, of just about every serious drama NBC has aired for two decades.

However great it would be to see Rene Russo weekly on TV, no details have been released other than the rather vanilla “group of characters race to stop epidemic” press release. No word also on the return of Marcel the monkey, the presence of any love-triangles, or unrelated illness-of-the-week episodes for filler. Needless to say though, Cuba Gooding Jr. is probably waiting by the phone.

‘John Wells Drama Based On ‘Outbreak’ Movie Goes To NBC With Pilot Production Commitment’ | Deadline Hollywood

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