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Mini Scum: Arbitrage (2012)

arbitrageA sympathetic or relatable character is generally a necessity in any movie but especially one that’s set in the world of a billionaire’s family and his money-printing hedge fund. Richard Gere stars as Robert Miller, a who’s who in the world of finance who not only is desperately trying to sell his company to cover up his $400 million loss to his investors, but is also having an affair on the side. As if being a cheating and fraudulent investment broker wasn’t enough, Miller flees the scene of an accident where his mistress was killed and ropes in an unsuspecting family friend to his shenanigans.

I get the feeling that writer/director Nicholas Jarecki set out to vilify Miller for a triumphant redemption later but that never happened. Instead, the stone-faced Gere spends the entire film lying to his family and the police about his involvements, and bullying his underlings to cover his many deceptions. While it can be argued that Miller had mostly honorable intentions, it’s still hard to not be cynical at the rampant abuse of power and wealth or the non-ending the film is saddled with. It’s not horrible but you can find several better movies in this genre.


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