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Watch Marky Mark’s Response to The Happening

The Happening
I have made no qualms about my feelings about The Happening before and this is not the post to indicate that has changed. Just like many of M. Night Shyamalan’s recent movies, The Happening is a mess but one that I am more and more convinced has to be intentional.

An interesting premise is quickly overshadowed by a bad script and horrendous acting, but for the most part, the film is overly confident in its shittiness. Shortly after its release, M. Night called it “the best B movie you will ever see” but even that is disingenuous to the film’s end result. I consider a B-movie to be one that is made with low expectations and talent sets that entertains simply because it is so horribly made. The Happening entertains, but mostly just baffles, from its issues.

But don’t take my word for it. Academy Award-nominee Mark Wahlberg and his chronic furrowed brow would like a chance to share.


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