Get Yo' Movie On

“Who You Gonna Call?” “Uh, Let Me Get Back To You On That.”

Ghostbusters 3. Let’s make this happen. I want this to happen so bad, that I would cross the streams. Well, what’s the hold up? Well, for one, Rick Moranis won’t do it. Also, Sigourney Weaver keeps flip flopping (see Rick Moranis link). And as you can see, via the same link again, appranently, there is no confirmed director, either. Here, however is an interview with Ernie Hudson with a bit of info in it, stating that Ivan Reitman has confirmed it will happen and mentions when shooting will begin and when the movie will be out. I love this franchise, even with the second one being stricken with the Weekend at Bernie’s Effect. While I have read some interesting and even good ideas for what the 3rd one should be about, I will not weigh in with my opinion on that. I will leave that to the professionals. I can say that I would rather not see “new ghostbusters” being handed the keys, as it were, but I understand that people are older. So if it has to be done that way, hopefully it will be tasteful. And can we not cheese out at the end with some random Jackie Wilson song that everyone sings to combat the “bad feelings?” That was a bit gay.


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